Top Reasons You Should Have Auto Insurance

Purchasing or leasing a vehicle is a goal for just about everyone out there. There is nothing like having your first new car. You now have the freedom to go where you want, when you want without relying on public transportation. However, there is more to having a car that just driving, filling it up with gas and routine maintenance. In order to drive your car comfortably you need to have auto insurance. If you need auto insurance, then contact your local auto insurance Merrillville IN for a quote today. There are many reasons why should always make sure that your vehicle is insured and here are the top ones.

You can’t leave the car lot without it

At many, if not all, car dealerships, you are required to have auto insurance before you are able to drive the vehicle off the lot. The dealership will verify that you have insurance before they let you leave. This is in place in order to protect all parties that are involved.

Cars are expensive

Most new vehicles are going to cost a lot of money, more than most people have just lying around. If you get into an accident that is your fault, and you do not have auto insurance, then you are going to be liable for whatever damages happen as a result. And if the vehicle, or vehicles, are totaled, then you are paying the bill. If you are insured, then this would not happen. Instead, you would typically pay a deductible to your insurance company and they will cover the rest. depending on your coverage limits.

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It is the law, usually

In most areas the law requires that you have auto insurance on your vehicle. Often times the local law enforcement will have random checks to make sure that drivers are properly licensed and are carrying insurance on the vehicle. You do not want to be stopped and not be able to show proof that your vehicle is insured. This can result in a hefty fine that you do not want to have to pay.

Banks require you to have it

If you had to finance your vehicle, then chances are that your lender requires you to have auto insurance throughout the life of the loan. And often times they want you to have full coverage instead of the cheaper option of only liability. You do not want your lender to come asking questions if you dropped your insurance on that vehicle. If your car is not paid off, then you have to have it insured.

You will just feel better

It is very stressful driving around without any insurance on your car. At any moment you could get any kind of accident and be stuck paying the bill. You could also get pulled over and get a ticket for driving without insurance. If you have insurance, then you can drive peacefully and more relaxed instead of having all of that stress weighing on you.